Our holding isolator range has developed over 20 years of serving the life sciences sector. We offer models with capacities ranging from 5 cages up to 200 cages.

Our smallest isolators fit on a table top and our largest isolators measure 5 metres long. Many of our models were developed in conjunction with our customers in order to achieve a specified goal. In the case of our 200 cage isolators, the objective was to enable both breeding and stock animals to be held in large numbers inside one barrier. This has the benefits of maximising the bio-security of the colony and significantly reducing transfer times.

  • Standard models or bespoke made to customer specification designs
  • Flexible film, rigid or hybrid body options
  • All cage types and manufacturers accommodated
  • All categories of containment level
  • Entry level basic controls, to fully integrated touchscreen devices with BMS link, parameter alarms and data logging capabilities
  • High quality durable materials
  • Compliant with HSE and ACDP regulations and CE marked where required
  • Compatibility with all types of VHP generators available
  • Glove front or Half Suit user interface