Isolator Model 0240

In order to maximise the productivity of valuable laboratory floor space this isolator is designed in a two tier, by two wide configuration which in effect provides four separate isolator chambers. This design employs the use of one air handling unit to supply all four chambers and is therefore more cost effective when compared to separate modules. With an easy to change reversible pressure polarity this isolator can be used for either positive pressure clean work or negative pressure containment work.

  • Flexible film radio frequency welded PVC canopy giving exceptional viewing clarity to the viewing panel whilst providing outstanding durability and product or user protection
  • Support framework fabricated in either square section powder coated aluminium or stainless steel
  • Mobile on high quality braked castors
  • Select from our extensive range of transfer hatches to meet your needs
  • Cage racking to suit any cage type
  • Low noise air handling system with H14 HEPA filters and pre filter arrangement
  • Alarms for pressure and air change rate and other parameters available
  • Link to BMS for monitoring and alarm status available
 Isolator 0240 
Per CanopyTotal for Isolator
Cage ManufacturerCage TypeNumber of CagesNumber of Cages
Tecniplast1291H Type III H624
Tecniplast1264C Type II936
Tecniplast1290D Type III624
Tecniplast1284L Type II L936
NKPCM2 / M32080